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Holding up the milk, gansta style!

Can we talk about milking for a moment?? (A peek of milking in my reel 😊) If you are new to farming, if you are new to milking, or if you want to learn about it you’ll DEFINITELY want to read this! Milking was a new adventure for us and I had all these grand ideas about how wonderful it was going to be.. reality. Not as wonderful as I imagined. Even though our cow was a dream on the stand from day one, she did NOT want to give us her milk she wanted to save it for her calf. We obliged her and always have calf shared. Well now the calf needs to be weaned and guess what? Annabelle doesn’t want to give us her milk! We struggled for several weeks. I read everything every where, I watch videos, I tried all the techniques and still she was relentless. I’m proud of her momma skills! But… When your out there rain or shine, snow or below 0 degrees!!!!! It’s not so nice to be fussing with a cow who doesn’t want to give you her milk even though her calf doesn’t need it. I stumbled across this article a few weeks ago and wow. It was THE MOST helpful article I’ve read!! I could be more thankful to have found it. It was a game changer! It’s what got us to our goal line! I love fresh milk and I love that our cow wants us to have it now. It’s a win win! If your struggling, or thinking about milking a cow, or may in the future this article is for you! Thank you Spirited Rose Dairy you changed farm life for us!!🥛 🤍 🐮





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