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What is Puppy Culture?

On the top level, Puppy Culture is a socialization and training program specifically developed for puppies, from birth through the end of their critical socialization period.

It includes age appropriate protocols.

The Why of Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture is based on the premise that the puppy always leads the learning, and puppies learn best by appropriate experiences at the appropriate time.

Let the Puppy Lead the Learning

By letting the puppy lead, we are:

  • Maximizing the benefit of any given protocol or lesson

  • Minimizing any danger of over-facing or scaring the puppy

  • Creating confidence and self-efficacy by presenting the appropriate level of challenge that the puppy CAN do without failing or presenting a danger to himself.

Finally, we teach owners to enjoy each puppy for the precious individual it is, and to bring out the best qualities in that puppy, rather than holding the puppy up to an arbitrary yardstick and labeling him as a problem if he does not measure up.

Appropriate Experiences at the Appropriate Time

Many puppies are labeled as having behavior or temperament issues when they are simply being served an inappropriate experience for their developmental age.

This can hobble the puppy for the rest of his life with an unjust label that will cause people to treat him in an unthoughtful manner. By letting the puppy lead, you avoid this and enjoy your puppy for the wonderful individual that he is.

Learning what those experiences are and how to effectively serve them is a big part of the Puppy Culture program.

Why is this so important? Because things that are perfect in one developmental period could be useless or even detrimental in the next, and vice versa. So we teach you to know where your puppy is developmentally, and what to do right now.

Yes, Puppy Culture is a “positive,” reinforcement-based program and we do not use corrections or outmoded dominance theory, but that is really all a by-product of observing the puppy and serving him the learning experience he is asking for.

The puppy culture program is based on the latest science and studies on puppy and animal rearing.

Puppy culture helps to well-round your puppy for all its new life experiences by providing a safe environment full of learning and positive reinforcement. It helps build confident, smart, eager to please puppies. Puppy culture also includes ENS- Early Neurological Stimulation.

Commands our puppy culture puppies are started on- Sit, down, come, beginning leash practice, crate training, potty training. If you have questions feel free to reach out to me!

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